Mar. 01· Established Startup Nurturing Team and Youth Startup Support Center


Nov. 01· Established Safety Control Center
Jul. 01· Opened Agriculture Industry Revitalization Support Center(improved regulations,response to COVID19, etc.).


Dec. 08· Completed Seed Processing Center for Yeongnam region.
Nov. 01· Designated as a specialized evaluation organization for listing in KOSDAQ(Korea Exchange).
Aug. 30· Consigned for disposition and control of public-owned patents(commerce)(Korean Intellectual Property Office).
May. 01· Opened agro-food venture and startup Specialization Centers in Busan and Gyeonggi-do


Dec. 01· Opened Smart Agricultural Headquarters.
June. 28· Transferred FACT(Suwon, Gyeonggi -> Iksan, Jeonbuk).


Dec. 26· Completed Seed Processing Center for Honam region.
Mar. 08· Installed agro-food venture and startup Specialization Centers in Seoul and Sejong.


Dec. 24· Selected as outstanding organization for educational donation(Ministry of Education).
Sep. 01· Expanded the agro-food venture and startup Specialization Centers(Gumi, Chuncheon, Anseong).
July. 07· Recognized for outstanding labor-management culture(Ministry of Employment and Labor).
May. 19· Awarded the Prime Minister`s Award(Organization) for the 51st Invention Day


Nov. 26· Certified as a family-friendly company(Ministry of Family and Gender Equality).
Jul. 17· Newly opened agro-food venture and startup Specialization Center(Yeosu).


Oct. 30· Newly opened Seed Industry Center.
Apr. 01· Consigned for technology transfer of occupational invention pending at the Rural Development Administration(Rural Development Administration).


Jun. 20· Designated as the specialized evaluation agency for the support of quotation on the KOSDAQ by the Korea Exchange.
April 26· Selected as a certifying organization for social contribution in rural areas(Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs).


Oct. 05· Designated as the testing organization for rice/brown rice variety.
Aug. 30· Completed Seed Processing Center of the central region.
Aug. 01· Designated as the evaluation organization for inventions(Korean Intellectual Property Office).
Mar. 26· Designated as public notification and quality certification organization for organic products(Rural Development Administration(RDA)).


Dec. 02· Consigned for disposition and control of public-owned patents(commerce)(Korean Intellectual Property Office)
July 11· Designated as a specialized testing center for procured supplies(Public Procurement Center).
Jan. 21· Acquired additional 8 session from KOLAS(KOLAS).


July 05· Designated as a technological transfer and evaluation organization in farm/forestry/fishery food industries (Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs).
Feb 24· Accredited testing center for OECD Farm & Forestry Tractors(OECD Office).
Jan. 29· Designated as a quasi-government organization for consignment(Ministry of Strategy and Finance).


Sep. 07· Established FACT.
Mar. 06· Organization of FACT Organizing Committee.
Mar. 05· The Agricultural Community Development Promotion Act amended and established grounds for the establishment of Foundation of Agri, Tech, Commercialization & Transfer(Article 33 of the Agricultural Community Development Promotion Act).