We pledge to contribute to the globalization and development of the agriculture of Korea by accomplishing the standardization of agricultural technology for the proliferation of Digital Agriculture, the validation and verification of ICT-convergence technologies, and the advancement of certification system for agricultural machinery.

Promotion of Initiatives for Digital Agriculture Proliferation

Establishment of testbeds for commercialization of Digital Agriculture technology and assistance for technology substantiation

Digital Agriculture technology and ICT equipment (across all areas of agriculture including green houses, livestock, and open field farming)

Digital Agriculture standardization (organizational/national/international) and promotion of the Digital Agriculture standards

Establishment of standards to assure the quality and compatibility of Digital Agriculture

Assistant for consulting, product improvement, and certification process to promote the national Digital Agriculture standards

Realization of social values through the introduction of Digital Agricultures to address the current issues in the Korean agriculture

Digital Agriculture In-Field Demonstration and Collaboration with Related Organizations

Planning and managing Digital Agriculture Innovation Valley Demonstration Complex

Provision of demonstration service to local municipalities for their specialized areas in agriculture

Creation of new businesses for the in-field demonstration and proliferation of Digital Agriculture

Invigoration of local businesses through collaboration and cooperation with public organizations

Testing & Evaluating agricultural machinery

Providing testing service for expediting spreading agricultural machinery with high quality and safety.

Testing various kinds of vehicle type and attached type agri. machinery, tractors e.t.c

Testing for supporting development of new agri. machinery

Supporting ex-post test for agri. machinery passed the national test

Supporting updating the test codes for agri. machinery

Overseas Cooperation for Testing and Evaluation of Agricultural Machines.

Operating OECD tractor standard test code as a designated test station.

Activities for ‘The Asian and Pacific Network for Testing of Agricultural Machinery’ operated by the UN/ESCAP/CSAM

Activities for ISO/TC23(agri. machinery test committee) and Korean Standards as a designated expert.

Establishment of Verification and Certification System to Promote the Supply of High-quality, Digital Agricultural Equipment

Operation of Agro-Bio ICT Verification and Certification Center to assure the performance and reliability of Digital Agriculture

Calibration of horticultural and stockbreeding equipment

Reliability testing for the environmental resistance and durability of digital agricultural equipment

Support to promote the supply of intelligent and autonomous driving agricultural machines

Autonomous driving performance testing for each model of autonomous driving agricultural machines

Support for the efficient construction of Agricultural Products Processing Center, APC) and sugar content management

Inspection and calibration of agricultural sorting machines to be installed at the APC

Business support for the efficient management of fruit sugar content

Support for the calibration and inspection of local machines used at rice processing complexes (RPC) and agricultural processing centers

Preservation of sustainable agricultural environment by spreading and distributing of low-carbon agricultural technology

Operation of low-carbon agricultural and livestock product certification system

Issuance of low-carbon agricultural and livestock product certificate

Follow-up management of low-carbon certification

Acquisition of low-carbon certification and distribution support

Operation of GHG(Green House Gas) reduction project in agriculture

Support for registration of GHG reduction project

Develop and register methods to calculate low-carbon agricultural technology reduction

Pay incentives for GHG reduction performance

Support for trading in the emissions trading market

Operation of GHG ETS(Emission Trading System) support project for food and beverage industry

Support building GHG reduction infrastructure and Energy Management System(EnMS)

Operation of GHG and Energy Target Management System for food industry

GHG reduction and energy saving regulation for food company

Support GHG reduction(searching reduction item and building reduction infrastructure) and report writing for system implementation