We support seed&seedling industry in saising competitiveness as well as fast supply of promising new varieties developed by R&D institutions operated in gov. & local gov. levels


Establishment of seed quality control and distribution system

Building of integrated information on seed market and distribution

Expansion of seed processing & cleaning facilities

Food & Forage crops etc.

Functional & special-purpose rice for conversion, barley, and wheat

Beans, millet, sorghum, and other minor crops

Silage corn, forage barely and other forage crops

Virus free sweet potatoes


Horticultural crops

Lily, chrysanthemum, virus free plants

Apple, pear, peach (rootstock included)

Support for gov. policies for nurturing seed industry

Seed Valley creation project (2011~2015)

Baeksan district, Gimje, North Jeolla Province (54ha)