Exclusive organization for tech. transfer of RDA's government-owned patents
(Concluded delegation agreement with KIPO in Dec.2 2011)

Tech. Transfer

Technology briefing & marketing of each sector

Operation of integrated management system for tech. transfer

Monitoring of tech. transfer beneficiary and other post-managements

Business Incubation

Incorporation establishment, venture company certification, IP, tax, accounting, finance, etc.
ON/OFF-line business start-up consulting (by experts in 8 sectors)

Tech. transfer, support for exhibitions participation, education on enhancing marketing capability

Operation of agricultural business support system (https://value.koat.or.kr)

Research & Business Development (R&BD)

Provide initial funding for commercialization to tech. transfer beneficiaries

Provide up to KRW 100 million per company (self-pay 30%)

Working expense can very depending on budget situations

We will upgrade added-value of agricultural business by discovering technologies for commercialization and developing convergence business models


Crop & Horticulture

Commercialization of IT-using post-harvest management, APC efficiency enhancement

Commercialization of technologies using agricultural products and their by-products

Development & Commercialization of proper models applying technologies packed in food & horticulture

Food & Bio

Promotion & commercialization of functional, organic, fermented, and processed food ingredients

Commercialization and field adaptation of pest & disease control technologies microbes,
and livestock feed additives

Commercialization of insects-related technologies

Environment & Livestock

Commercialization of technologies for agro-environment and livestock industry

Expanding food safety technologies from farm to table by introducing GAP

Facilitating the application of energy efficient technologies to agricultural facilities

Commercialization of technologies for livestock manure treatment including biofertilizer and biogas use

We support overseas expansion of our agricultural technologies by building cooperative network with tech. transfer agencies and R&D institutions home and abroad


Strengthening of global partnership

Establishment of global cooperative network

Overseas tech. demand survey and Technology RoadShow

Operation of overseas technology coordinator

Support for overseas expansion of outstanding agri. technologies and businesses

Discovery of foreign buyers through export plazas and investment seminars

Operation of business exhibitions specialized for overseas tech. transfer

Overseas market penetration of superior domestic seeds and varieties

We are leading the agricultural sector for better responses to climate change by commercialization of green technologies as well as introducing carbon market mechanisms, which will improve farmer? understanding on climate change

Introduction of carbon market mechanism in agricultural sector

Establishing "carbon offset scheme" for voluntary reduction of GHG emission.

Introducing "low carbon certification label" for expanding green technologies

Supporting food industry for better compliance to the mandatory carbon emission targe

Systemization of green technology and institutional support for climate change

Systematic approach for excavating of green technology and publishing "handbook of agricultural green technologies"

Holding "Agro-Carbon Forum" regularly for Facilitating communications between stakeholders and sharing information on climate change

Supporting food industry for better compliance to the mandatory carbon emission targe