We support IP creation of farmers, agricultural businesses, government organizations, and universities in a systematic and strategic manner.


Provide ON/OFF-line IP consulting

Domestic and overseas patent application of R&D outcomes in agri. sector and post-management
(RDA, provincial agricultural technology centers)

Entrusted management of overseas application of Plant Variety Certificate

Provide patent classification & processing services for commercialization

Provide IP consulting and application fee for farmers & agricultural businesses

We facilitate commercialization by evaluating value of outstanding Agri. & Food technologies and provide financial support.

Technology rating services for screening outstanding technologies

Technology value evaluating services for decision-making on tech. transfer & commercialization

Technology evaluation service for financial support from financial institutions

Technology Finance : Financial institutions provide funding for technology development and commercialization to SMEs with insufficient security solvency

We provide 'stomized' information on technology market trends for facilitating tech. commercialization.

Survey & analysis on agricultural technology/market trends

Domestic & foreign 'Newly Arrived Patent' service

Field survey on demand of agri. & food technology

Forecast on future tech. and market changes